We aim to cater for the needs of all our customers and visitors to the Swan Inn. Opening Hours and Food service times can be found in the Opening Hourssection of our web site ( The majority of our menu is fresh and homemade. The same dishes are available in the bar and restaurant and in the front garden (when the weather permits).

We have no letting rooms and suggested localamenities are highlighted on our web site.

The following statement is a summary of our services. If you are seeking greater clarity or need some further information, please ring us on 01962 760 470 or email:




There is a bus stop opposite the Swan however journeys are infrequent. Winchester train station is 7.3 miles away, Andover 5.8 miles and Basingstoke 14 miles. There is a taxi service in the village and details are below. 

Example menus are available on our web site or we can supply details through the post. Please telephone or email if you cannot access these through our website.

The Swan Inn is in the heart of Barton Stacey, near to the church. Whilst the pub has its own car park, as a former coaching inn, the entrance is narrow and alternative parking is available opposite the shop or just past the church. These are better alternatives for larger vehicles, cars with trailers, caravans/camper vans.

We are the only pub in the village and we also have access to a thriving shop. Larger supermarkets are available at Andover, Basingstoke or Winchester.

We do respect our opening hours as confirmed by our Premise Licence (a copy is available – behind the bar) and we ask our customers to respect our closing times, as we have families and older persons living within close proximity and we wish to ensure cordial relations with our villagers, especially at night please respect those who may already be abed.




On arrival, the entrance to the car park is from ‘the Street’ and the car park is at the rear of the property. The surface is generally level and tarmaced, but has a gradient. There are no marked parking spaces. There is ample parking space for most shifts however we do ask customers to park parallel to other vehicles in order to maximize the space available.

At the rear of the property is a herb garden and lawnedarea however this is not a trade garden. There is a small paved courtyard for up to 8 customers which is accessible through the restaurant at the rear of the building. Due to the nature of the rear of the property, we ask that parents with children supervise their children at all times as there are steps and a greenhouse, which may present hazards to unsupervised children.

A children’s playground can be found within 50 yards of the front of the pub, however we have no bespoke children’s play area.

The outside of the pub is illuminated through the night by security lights and the front garden throughout opening times.

Access to the pub is at the front of the property. 



The main entrance to the pub is from the car park and to the left. For those unable to walk far, it is possible to stop at the front of the building for a drop off, before parking up. There is a small 2.5 inch step off the tarmac in which to enter the pub’s porch area. There is then flat flooring into the main bar area. There is a wooden floor throughout most of the public areas (excepting the WCs), although in two places there is a slight gradient. The bar area is all on the same level.



With the exception of the WCs and entrance area to these, all our floors are wooden and the building is well lit throughout. Whilst customers in wheelchairs will have no issue entering the property, we are a Grade II listed property and we do not have bespoke WCs for those in wheelchairs. Please ring beforehand if you need access to a specific WC, as we can make alternative provision near to the pub.



We have two WCs to the left as one enters the pub.These are available during our opening times. These are approached from the left hand side of the bar up an8 inch step.



The bar area consists of a mixture of sofas and moveable chairs, some with and without arms. The height of tables varies between low (42 cm high) – next to sofas, to high (74 – 78 cm high). Background music is played. During busy periods e.g. Friday evenings, we can have a large number of customers who choose to stand around the bar area. 

Please note that dogs are allowed in both bar areas, but not in the rear restaurant. Please respect our policy on this so that we are able to maintain an area for those who do not wish to dine with our furry friends.



We have a restaurant area at the rear of the property. This has seating for around 26 – 30 people. This can be booked for specific functions, however the bar area will still remain open to all. The flooring in the restaurant is flat and wooden.



We do not have a bespoke meeting room available on site, but during quiet periods a range of clubs use the pub. Please ring if you wish to book any tables for meetings and during quiet times, the restaurant may be available. Tel 01962 760 470.



As a small country pub with 1 chef, we try to ensure that there are choices available for all diners, however we have a small menu of predominantly fresh food which is cooked to order. In the case of specific dietary requirements or with specific allergies, we ask that we are given prior notice so that a conversation can take place with our chef/manager. We do not run a separate children’s menu. We are able to offer smaller portions for children and adapt ingredients off our menu. Customers are able to pre-book certain products or menu ideas, by pre-booking and having a discussion with our chef.

We welcome all customers and if customers have trouble reading the menu our staff are available to read this out. We use Arial font 14 on our menus but are content to email larger print copies if required.

We ask that any customers with any special dietary requirements including food allergens or intolerances, make this known to both the shift lead and the person taking their order so that our chef is aware of any issues when preparing your menu request.

If a customer requires further information on the ingredients in our menu items please ask. We have a small kitchen and whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure that food is prepared safely, customers need to highlight any issues both to the shift lead and person taking the order. On quieter shifts, our chef will be happy to discuss this directly with customers.

We serve a wide range of real ales, lagers, sprits as well as soft drinks and tea/tisanes/coffee/chocolate anddecaffeinated options. We have a range of 8 – 10 gins.



We have a partial fence around the front garden, however young children will still need to be supervised, as its is next to the main road through Barton Stacey. This part of the garden is undulating and has a small bed next to the front of the building. The front drive does slope down to the road. Outside tables are available all year round. Smoking is permitted in this area and we ask that ashtrays are used. The garden is lit up at night.





We do not have car parking capacity for large coaches. In the event of minibus or small coach groups, please ring to book 01962 760 470.



We are a dog friendly pub, however we ask that lively dogs are kept on a lead and controlled at all times. All Guide/Hearing and Assistance dogs are welcome. We keep a water bowl in the pub. 

Please respect our more nervous customers when bringing your pets to the pub. As our front garden is a public area, please do not allow your dog to foul as the public and children use this area. 

As dog owners we have a supply of bags if required.



We have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers throughout the Inn. Should any of the alarms sound, please make your way by the nearest exit to the children’s play area opposite the shop, which is two doors from the pub. Please do not congregate in the rear car park as there is no alternative way out. If you need assistance, please ask a member of staff.



As we are a small country pub, we ask that groups over 8 people pre-book. In the event of walk-ins we may not be able to accommodate the whole group on one table. 



Please find the bar and food availability times on this section of our web site. We do have some flexibility around timings for functions and pre-arranged events. Please ring us on 01962 760 470.



We now have Faster Broadband and the code is available by asking a member of staff. We are a Pokemon Training Centre.



Mobile phone reception in the Inn is mostly weak, as we are in a 300 year old former coaching inn. Vodaphone has the best signal. Better reception is in the car park or outside.



There is one shop in the village. Please note that the Beer Garden at the front of the property is to consume food and drink bought at the Swan.



Nursing Mother’s and their babies are most welcome to breastfeed in our pub and a rocking chair is available. We have a changing mat that is available by asking a member of staff.



Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in any areas inside the inn. Smoking is permitted in the garden where ash trays are provided.



Barton Stacey and Dever Valley Taxis

01962 760 474

07989966 542

07972 838 795



No surgery is available at Barton Stacey with the nearest A&E being at Winchester and Minor Injuries at Andover.



We have no plans to make any structural changes at present. We welcome feedback to help us continuously improve. We hope that this can be given face to face during your visit or by phone to 01962 760470 or to:



25 March 2017